Fourth Grade Maritime History Incentive Program
For Tillamook County
Public & Private Schools
Sponsored by
The Captain Robert Gray Memorial Fund

Goal: The student will demonstrate knowledge of the historic voyages of Captain Robert Gray in the Pacific Northwest through the writing of essays.

Activities: Students will

¨ visit the Garibaldi Museum

¨ view a film strip about Captain Robert Gray at the museum

¨ listen to the narratives by the museum docents

¨ engage in the interactive exhibits in the Garibaldi Museum

¨ complete the museum quiz sheets at the museum in cooperative groups

¨ read a story of Captain Robert Gray at home or in the classroom

¨ research Captain Robert Gray on the internet or library (optional)

¨ write a three hundred word essay on the historic voyages of Captain Robert Gray in the Pacific Northwest

Evaluation: Each fourth grade teacher will

¨ select three (3) outstanding essays from their respective fourth grade classroom’s essays

¨ display the three outstanding essays on a place of honor such as the classroom bulletin board

¨ mail a copy of the three outstanding essays to the following address

Garibaldi Museum
PO Box 5
Garibaldi, Oregon 97118

All submissions must be post marked no later than May 30.

Reward:¨ Three hundred dollars ($300) will be awarded to each of the three (3) classrooms (4th grade classes) in Tillamook County who demonstrate the best knowledge and essays on Captain Robert Gray in the Pacific Northwest. The funds may be utilized as the class chooses.

For more information call the museum and leave a message at (503) 322-8411.