The Museum features interactive exhibits that combine history with cutting-edge technology. While exhibits are geared to all ages, children are encouraged to have hands-on activities with most exhibits and demonstrations. Some of the friendly exhibits includes cooperage (wood buckets) puzzle, ship construction puzzle, 18th century toys and children attire and clothing of the ordinary seaman and captain.

Staff dressed in 18th century maritime attire help young visitors with the cooper’s bucket puzzle and the ship puzzle.

A table with examples of 18th century foods and cutlery is fascinating to all ages. Tea bricks, hard tack and tobacco twist are readily available for all to handle.

Oregon State University foreign exchange students enjoyed the cooperage puzzle and the 18th century maritime attire, too.

Oregon State University foreign exchange students gather for a group photo at the museum.

A most impressive exhibit for young and older visitors is the three foot half model of the Columbia, showing how the ship was provisioned for the three year journey.

 Handicapped accessible and group and children friendly.